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Pride In Our Health

Oct 11, 2022

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to raise public awareness about the impact of breast cancer, show support for those affected by the disease, and encourage regular preventative screenings, such as mammograms. Breast cancer can affect anyone, regardless of sex assigned at birth or gender identity.

Studies have shown that LGBTQIA+ people have disproportionately high rates of breast cancer. Many people in the queer and trans community avoid regular medical care, including cancer screenings, due to fears and experiences of discrimination or misgendering in health care settings. This can lead to missed diagnoses and poorer health outcomes. In today’s episode, we’ll look at ways providers and LGBTQIA+ patients can work together to fight breast cancer.

Today’s guest is Nandini Choudhury, Reproductive Health Equity Specialist at Fenway Health.